All Farmers are different – as are the sectors within the industry. For example, fish farmers have different needs to dairy farmers who have different needs to market gardeners. At Artikel & Swint we understand this and avoid pigeon-holing marketing to the farmer as an all-in-one approach.

Our Team are Farmers

We have staff who have grown up on farms or are still on a farm now. And understand the importance of the primary industries. It takes one to know one! And we understand the many nuances and different need sets amongst these audiences across the industry.


We have strong affiliations and partnerships throughout NZ and Australia. This means that even if your market is in both NZ and abroad, we have the connections and expertise to ensure your business gets the results it deserves..

Our Expertise

We work with many farming and agricultural companies and understand the importance of being able to communicate effectively and within the legal framework. Sometimes
it’s understanding the simple things like the right legal information that needs to appear on a label, or understanding the virtues of generic vs. branded chemical/product.