Featured Project:
Wesco Seeds

Fully integrated brand activation

In 2023 we partnered with Wesco Seeds to manage their rebranding and refreshed marketing approach.

Seeds for Success

Wesco Seeds is a family-based business that lives and breathes farming. The business was established in 1937, with the purchase of the first family property for growing seed crops in North Canterbury. Four generations and 86 years later in 2023, they are still immersed in the industry.

Wesco Seeds are different. What sets Wesco apart in the competitive market is they sell their seed range online, despatching it directly to customers, along with specialising in customised seed mixes. They hold a unique position in the market with a fantastic, loyal client base, but they were essentially flying under the radar. Aiming to expand their business, we need to lift their profile, deliver an online seed category to the agriculture sector, and provide an e-commerce platform.

What sets Wesco apart?

Variety of species
Species per mix

Direct Sales
Quick delivery
Quick service
Low cost

Farm scale
Species persistence
Pasture longevity

Heritage (1922)
Seed growing
100 years

Refreshing the brand – a modern twist for a heritage company


In their existing logo, Wesco was recognisable by their red brand, which was synonymous with a “heritage” company and “the red barn” farming graphic. Our guideline was to keep the colour, economically transitioning existing collateral over to the new brand while maintaining identity.


This clever design by our Creative Director blended in complimentary green to signify the “growth” of seeds with a sophisticated leaf tip on the W.  The linear outline of the W is reflective of a field of wheat swaying in the breeze of the Canterbury Plains – home of Wesco.

Roots are the symbol of stability. Having roots in a community means that you are firmly established and communicate a sense of reliability and permanence.

New growth represents Wesco’s growth and forward thinking


Encapsulating Wesco – Every farm is different

The tagline “every farm is different” reflects Wesco’s unique proposition of creating seed mixes for individual farms.

Trailblazing e-commerce – The perfect solution in a tightening economy

Wesco Seeds have led the way in developing online product purchasing and direct seed despatch service for farmers—stripping back the costs associated with other seed suppliers without comprising quality.

Wesco Seeds catalogue

Taking Wesco Seeds live

We were excited to work with Wesco on updating their website.

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