Strategic marketing is at the heart of what we do. We believe no project should start without a strategy – whether it’s media or creative. We work with clients to firstly assess their marketing – and then based on this assessment begin to map out the requirements needed related to their objectives.

With vast experience in digital advertising including programmatic and performance marketing, and long-standing relationships in the media industry, we are a valued partner with a ‘full-service experience’.


As an Accredited Media Agency we consider marketing to the primary and rural-based industries as one of our core proficiencies at Artikel & Swint. And our media strategists and planners have built up years of experience working in this area. When you need a primary industry media specialist, come and see us at Artikel & Swint.


Our design team are some of the most gifted and passionate you will find – with the awards to show it. And they will work with you to develop the best possible solutions. Here at Artikel & Swint, we believe there can be more than one possible solution or direction to a problem; and as a consequence our designers will take a thoughtful approach to your problem/objectives.