New B2B Segmentation on Facebook

Like all industries, digital marketing is important for rural suppliers navigating B2B marketing on Facebook and Instagram presents more challenges than traditional Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing due to the nature of the platforms. Now more than ever, the ability to reach customers in the digital landscape has become one of the key priorities in achieving a business’ chosen KPIs. Facebook is a destination for B2B marketers looking to drive business-to-business engagement and establish a connection with their customers. Building on its current functionality Meta has released new target audience options which improve’s B2B marketing on its platforms such as Facebook – see the list below.

New segmentation of Facebook and Instagram account holders includes:

  • IT Decision-Makers: Targets ads based on job title.
  • Business Decision-Maker Titles and Interests: Targets business decision-makers using job titles and interests.
  • Business Decision-Makers: Targets business decision-makers using job titles and industries. Enables customisation to reach key staff in agribusiness, rural suppliers, and consultancy.
  • New Active Business: Targets admins of engaged businesses that were created in the last 6,12 or 24 months.

How does this benefit you?

With privacy policies and data sharing tightening the reigns, this information helps get even more specific with the target market with reaching those in the industry who need to see your ad and will take action from this, not the ones who won’t.

To learn how this can fit in with your marketing strategy, talk to the experts in strategic agribusiness creative marketing. Contact us today.