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The power of agricultural infographics

Our brains are wired to process visuals faster and more effectively than plain text. In a data intensive field like Agribusiness, it’s crucial to communicate complex information in a straightforward manner. Data can be displayed in a variety of different ways, each suitable for different types of data.

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What type of advertising is for you?

Advertising falls into two categories – traditional and digital advertising. Traditional focuses on television, radio, newspaper, magazine, direct mail outs and billboards. Digital advertising focuses on online and social media advertising. Digital can increase your audience reach and allow you to target your ideal customer.

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Senior farmer standing in young wheat field with laptop and examining crop.

SEO for Agribusiness

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Using an SEO strategy to optimise your web pages can get your business found by the most significant members of your customer base. This is through improved search rankings and drive more organic traffic to your site.

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Close up of male agronomist farmer using a digital tablet computer in wheat field

Connect with farmers online

Whilst farming is the most historical occupation and has typically been isolating, communication within agriculture has never been more accessible than now. With 92% of farmers having access to a smartphone and the ease of use of the internet on the go, social media has become a more recognised form of communication and marketing in the sector.

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graphic of a map

Not on Apple Maps? You should be

Three out of four apple users use the default maps app. If your potential customer is trying to search your business on Apple Maps when in a rush, what happens if you don’t show up?

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Videography, a must have

Video marketing has gained so much traction in the last decade that 86% of businesses used video as part of their marketing strategy in 2022 and 81% said video has helped them increase sales. Video marketing uses videos to educate, entertain and engage audience to achieve your business or personal goals.

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Two farmers shaking hands in field in front of a tractor

LinkedIn advertising the way forward

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional online network. New Zealand’s user base is 2.35 million people with the largest demographic being 25–34-year-olds. It is a great platform for advertising, particularly for B2B companies in agribusiness looking for employees, strengthening professional relationships and generating leads.

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New B2B Segmentation on Facebook

Like all industries, digital marketing is important for rural suppliers navigating B2B marketing on Facebook and Instagram presents more challenges than traditional Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing due to the nature of the platforms.

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