What type of advertising is for you?

Advertising falls into two categories – traditional and digital advertising. Traditional focuses on television, radio, newspaper, magazine, direct mailouts and billboards. This type of advertising reaches a wide audience, can help you reach new audiences and is tangible. However, it is hard to measure and difficult to know if you are reaching the right people. Digital advertising focuses on online and social media advertising. Digital can increase your audience reach and allow you to target your ideal customer. Results are immediate, easy to measure making it transparent to know if you’re reaching the right people.

Today, digital advertising is a necessity. There are 4 types of digital advertising used for campaigns:

  1. Paid search advertising

Paid search works on search engines by businesses bidding on keywords so that advertisements related to these keywords are placed at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Therefore, advertisers only pay when their advertisement is clicked, this is called Pay-Per-Click (PPC). These only show as texts.

  1. Social media advertising

Social media advertising works on social media platforms. Advertising on social media gives you quick ROI because everything is done in real-time. Social media allows brands to freely express their personality – there is a more relaxed and informal feel compared to other advertising options.

It’s important choose the most relevant platform/s for your customers to ensure your ads are cost-effective. Your customers won’t be across all platforms and how they use them will differ. Campaigns are best tailored to how they use these platforms. Paid advertisements are great tool to start building your audience, but organic posts can also help if your audience is loyal and decent sized.

  1. Native advertising

Native advertising camouflages itself to look like the surrounding content as articles or videos on a website hosting similar materials. A great native ad provides customers with valuable information secondary to the advertising messaging. Since they match the natural flow of the page users don’t feel like they are engaging with advertisements. They should be strategically placed to follow the patterns and interests of the targeted audience.

  1. Display advertising

Display advertising ads are unmistakably selling you something. These can be animated or static and typically placed along the top or sides of webpages. They aim for quick conversions with an enormous potential reach as search engine work with website partners to host these ads.

Whilst digital advertising is growing, traditional advertising isn’t showing any signs of stopping. Farmers trust in traditional advertising makes it important to have a mix of advertising in your marketing plan.


Traditional advertising refers to delivering promotional messages through mass media. These include:

  1. Print advertising

Understanding your audience and business is crucial in making the decision whether to use print advertising – what age group? Is the message general or localised?

Print Advertising included advertisements in:

  • newspapers and magazines
  • brochures
  • directories
  • flyers and posters
  • direct mail
  1. Broadcast advertising

Broadcast advertising is sharing promotional messages through television or radio. For companies with large budgets, buying a broadcast spot is an excellent way to build brand awareness and communicate their value. Businesses use broadcasting as an awareness tool as it is a mass market medium.

  1. Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is any advertisement visible to a customer outside their home. As a mass market medium, it intends to support broad messaging and branding efforts. Clever graphic design is crucial in outdoor advertising. In a few seconds, the audience will read and understand the message. Many advertisers are starting to use outdoor advertising to connect to digital through QR codes etc.


The different types of advertising share two mutual goals: to influence consumers and generate customers or leads. The types of advertising you utilise will be most effective when it aligns with the profile of your ideal consumer and regularly engages them. You want to make sure it is cost-effective and supports the product/service you’re advertising.

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