YouTube ads are a must have

Now the most sought-after platform for video marketing YouTube has the advantage of being a relatively low-cost ad channel. With 90% of farmers using YouTube regularly, provides a massive pool of potential customers for advertisers to economically reach. The average cost-per-click (CPC) for YouTube ads is $0.97 this is significantly lower than the average cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) of other ad platforms making it an affordable option.

A YouTube view is counted when a user watches an ad for at least 30 seconds or clicks on the ad and is directed to the advertiser’s landing page. The 30-second view threshold ensures that advertisers only pay for engaged views of their ad rather than for brief glimpses or accidental views.

Not only will YouTube ads help grow your brand awareness, and equity. By posting regularly, videos can help you:

  • Boost website traffic & engagement: Video is an effective medium for driving quality traffic to your website and increasing engagement with your brand. 87% of marketers say videos have helped them increase traffic in 2022.
  • Build a social media community: Video can act as both an entertaining and an education resource for your audience. By providing value to people, video content helps you engage with social media users and grow your social community.
  • Consumer acquisition and retention: By using video to educate potential prospects on your brand, your product/service, and your value proposition. Video is helpful to convert people into customers.
  • Raising content consumption: Video is one of the most consumed forms of content today. Therefore, it is important to use this on the right platforms for your audience to help you reach more people.
  • Improving customer experience: 94% of viewers have watched explanation videos to learn about products or services in 2022.

At Artikel and Swint we can create a video strategy to integrate into your marketing strategy. To find out how YouTube advertising can work for you, contact us today.